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Description of Roles:
Vice President: 
Assume all the responsibilities of the President in the absence of the President;Review and approve the club’s budget along with the President and the Treasurer; Have signing authority for the club;Update any constitutional amendments;Look for sponsorship from internal and external (i.e. within industry) sponsors with Treasurer; and,Develop and strengthen club relations by collaborating with other Ulife clubs.

Description of Roles:
Record minutes and distribute agenda of all executive meetings; Serve as a liaison between the general student community and the club;Pursue new potential Facilitators to run events;Organize and manage club documents; and,Gather information on students’ learning interests and solicit feedback regularly.

Description of Roles:
Oversee all financial dealings of the club;Recommend an annual budget to the President and Vice President;Submit monthly reports on club finances;Keep complete records of all dealings of the club;Have signing authority for the club finances; and,Look for internal and external (industry) sponsorship opportunities and prepare sponsorship packages.

Description of Roles:
Director of Marketing: 
Create and facilitate outreach strategies to increase outreach and club awareness; and,Finalize event dates and communicate all related information through social media, website, posters, etc.

Description of Roles:
Director of Creative Operations: 
Update and maintain website and digital spaces on a regular basis; Design any graphics of the club eg. logos, posters etc; Assist in any technical components that any executive members may need; and,Research and recommend trending workshop topics in partnership with Vice President.

Description of Roles:
Director of Events: 
Approve the Facilitator’s execution plan;Provide ongoing support to the Facilitator as requested;Act as the main planner and point-of-contact during expos and workshops;Communicate with and recruit volunteers for all club expos and workshops; and,Conduct a final review and assessment of workshop content with the Facilitator and Volunteers prior to the actual workshop day.

Description of Roles:
Director of Operations and Logistics: 
Organize event locations, resources, Wi-Fi, A/V rentals, etc. as required by the Facilitator’s execution plan;Ensure that the technology used for the expos and workshops does not breach copyright laws; and,Coordinate with the Director of Events to finalize available workshop dates for the academic year.Organize non-workshop related social events (appreciation dinner for workshop lead, etc); and,Handle the club inventory, office space, and locker rentals (if any).

Description of Roles:
Write weekly blogs on interesting tech topics; Write reviews of club events

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